To the modern designer versatility is instinctual.

Exhibition credits
To “shift” is to change location or position. As such, the term makes a perfect title for a graduating year exhibition marking a group of AUT’s communication design students’ transition between academia and industry

Shift is our exhibition run by students, for the students. Creating our brand identity we realised that this is our last opportunity to take creative risks that professionals with stakeholders can’t.

This exhibition is our final celebration of our ability to shift. We’re demonstrating our expertise in each pathway, and highlighting the additional skills we’ve acquired.

As for the wheelbarrows? well, they shift things.


Project Managers

Aimée Preston

Michael Moore

Design Leads

Luke Guilford

Nathan Walker


Zoe Jarvis

Richard Roach

Ray Waller

Website & Motion

Eilish Out-O’Reilly

Zoe Jarvis

Luke Guilford

Nathan Walker

Publication & Invites

Aimée Preston

Luke Guilford


Czarina Gupit

Ivy Xu

Jamilah Bartholomew

Luke Guilford

Lydia Strickland

Photography - Wheelbarrows

Lachlan Giles

Photography - Student work

Aimée Preston

Bethany Ross

Czarina Gupit

Nina van Lier


Billie Pounder


Anna Marshall

Hannah Small

Megan Laxon

Manami Miyata

Tara Davey


Jenisha Mistry

Miriam Amann

Mia Breitenmoser

Savannah Kearns

Samantha Taunton-Clark

Samantha Weston

Quentin Pao

After Party

Bianca Cross

Ruby Johnson

Samantha Taunton-Clark

Social Media

Bianca Cross

Emily Huynh